About the center

International Information and Analytical Centre for Technology Transfer (IACTT) BSTU was created in order to bring together BSTU research teams, to consolidate their activities with the work of leading Belarusian and international Research and Development Centres, to organize the process of creation of up-to-date industrial technologies and innovative products.

The main objectives of IIACTT BSTU activity are:

  • Assistance in collaboration between researchers and industry
  • Promotion of technological innovation and scientific and technical products on domestic and foreign markets
  • Commercialization of scientific research results

The main task of IIACTT BSTU is informational and marketing support of developers and consumers of technological solutions

  • searching for domestic and foreign partners to fulfill collaborative R&D projects
  • improving knowledge transfer between university and industry, including SMEs
  • promotion of the results of the University innovative scientific studies in  business sector
  • contributing into export of scientific and technical products, as well as goods, works, services


Using our contact network, experience in market researches as well as in evaluation of an invention to identify commercialization opportunities and challenges IIACTT BSTU offers:

  • market research
  • market overview of scientific and high-tech products
  • marketing support in the design, output and technological development of innovative products
  • business plans of investment projects

By choosing assistance in collaboration between researchers and industry as main goal of our activity we offer full set of services to ensure effective technology transfer: starting from assistance in R&D project management ending with market-launch of products creating with usage of BSTU scientific research results.