Science and technology


  • Biotechnology and drug technology (8)
  • Building materials, glass and ceramics technologies (18)
  • Chemical processing of wood, technologies for the production of paper and cardboard (12)
  • Chemical technologies of inorganic substances, fertilizers and salts (4)
  • Electroplating and corrosion protection (11)
  • Industrial ecology and bioecology (16)
  • Information technology and information security (6)
  • Machines and apparatus for chemical and building materials industries (5)
  • Machines and mechanisms of the forestry complex (10)
  • Materials science, problems of strength and durability (15)
  • Organic and petrochemical synthesis (16)
  • Production of polymeric materials and rubber (18)
  • Resource and energy saving processes and technologies (11)
  • Resource saving of electrochemical production (3)
  • Scientific and methodical work (1)
  • Sustainable forest management and multipurpose forest management (30)
  • Synthesis, properties and application of nanomaterials (6)
  • Technologies and equipment of the publishing and printing complex (6)
  • Technologies for the production of optical glass and high-temperature ceramics (7)
  • Technologies of mineral binders and composite materials for construction, technical and medical purposes (3)
  • Woodworking machines and tools (9)
  • Woodworking, furniture manufacturing (13)
  • The efforts of BGTU scientists are aimed at the development of new scientific directions V and VI technological ways:

    1. new composite and “smart materials” (monomers, polymers and styrene polymers) with predetermined functional properties and fundamentally new technical characteristics for use in automotive and motor vehicle, unmanned technologies and military) designs;
    2. Creating a new generation of smart forest technology;
    3. Deep chemical processing of wood raw materials and other natural resources; processing of polymineral and potassium-magnesium deposits;
    4. New environmental industrial technologies and the use of domestic raw materials; Green Energy, Renewable Bioresources;
    5. processing of mineral and organic raw materials, separation of oil suspensions and water-salt mixtures using triboacous complexes;
    6. nuclear power, nuclear fusion, including the development of new types of ceramic, polymeric materials, special purpose concrete, radio-protective glass, container recycling of low-radioactive waste;
    7. nano- and bio-industry, development of new drugs and biologically active anti-cancer drugs based on natural raw materials and forest crops with point delivery technology;
    8. Aerospace research and their use in the national economy;
    9. cloud technology and cybersecurity, 3-D technology.